Public Events

16 Feb 2017

Aquatic Transitions: Understanding the Anthropocene using lake sediment records


This talk recorded on Thurs 16 February 2017, 6pm at University of Nottingham Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre, Level 2, Chulan Tower, Number 3 Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur.

Prof Nathalie Dubois (EAWAG, Switzerland), Dr Keely Mills (British Geological Survey), Dr Suzanne McGowan (University of Nottingham, UK)

This public lecture is part of a workshop run by the Aquatic Transitions Working Group funded by PAGES (Past Global Changes). More information about this initiative can be accessed at

Seminar Summary

Freshwater resources provide many crucial ecosystem services, and yet they are threatened by human impacts such as toxic pollution, nutrient enrichment, exotic species introductions and excessive soil erosion which have escalated during the ‘Anthropocene’. Sustainable freshwater management requires rigorous understanding of how human impacts influence aquatic ecosystems. In this lecture, three experts will explain how paleolimnologists unlock the secrets of lake sediments to interpret past changes. The second part of the lecture will explore how such techniques have been applied in northwest Europe to document human impacts over thousands of years. Finally, the lecture will present new research on sediment cores from the iconic Malaysian lake Tasik Chini to explore how environmental changes associated with land use conversion, mining and damming have changed the ecology of this unique flood pulse wetland.