Public Events

09 Dec 2015

Sustainability in the Palm Oil Industry, Roundtable


This talk recorded on Wed 9 December 2015, 6pm at University of Nottingham Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre, Level 2, Chulan Tower, Number 3 Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur.


Dr Rory Padfield (Moderator)

Roundtable on academia and environmental sustainability in the palm oil industry: Dr Sune Hansen (UTM Palm Oil Research Centre), Dr Hariskrishna Kulaveerasingam (Sime Darby R&D), Dr Sanath Kumaran (RSPO), Dr Hawati Janor (UKM School of Management), Yasmin Rashid (EcoKnights).

Seminar Summary

With a global vegetable oil market share of more than 35% by weight, palm oil is the most produced vegetable oil in the world. Local and global sustainability impacts associated with palm oil production have been raised, especially in the two largest producing countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. With the prospect of continued high demand in the largest importing countries and regions (India, China and Europe) and development of new plantations in frontier areas (West Africa and Latin America), identifying strategies for sustainable palm oil production represents an important and necessary step forward. In light of the rising interest in academic research on palm oil related topics in recent years, this interactive session aims to discuss the following question: How can academia support the sustainable development of the palm oil industry?